Advantages of Orchitop

Advantages of Orchitop


For the first time, an orchid cultivating pot has been developed for residential use – the Orchitop.

Wrong watering is virtually excluded and at the same time, it optimises growth of orchids.

Due to its pole construction, air ventilation of the root system is guaranteed (indeed, roots need oxygen, in particular the roots of epiphytic orchids). After watering, the substrate will dry out quickly – as it does in nature. Too much water, which is the most common cause of death for orchids grown indoors, is nearly impossible. It does not matter if you water ”from above” or if you decide to water ”from below” into the coaster.

However, the Orchitop will not only optimise the water and oxygen supply. Now repotting is also very easy because the plants and its roots which grew outwards can simply be pulled out upwards. As the Orchitop is open all-round, the plants can be removed easily – therefore, danger of damaging or breaking the roots is reduced considerably. For the first time, repotting is gentle for the roots if an Orchitop is used. With the Orchitop, it is even possible to repot your orchids during all seasons – they will simply continue growing after repotting as they did before.

The Orchitop is a once-in-a-lifetime investment. You and your orchids will be happy with it for years. It is available in many different colours, so that your design ideas are endless. A beautiful orchid in colour-coordinated Orchitop and matching Coasters is a perfect gift that will attract attention!

  • Suitable for all kind of orchids
  • Superb air ventilation
  • No more overwatering
  • Easy repotting
  • Try riskless with 15% discount for new customers (redeem voucher-code “Neukunde” in the shopping basket)

Frequently Asked Questions

WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO REPOT MY ORCHIDS?2021-12-28T10:52:58+01:00

The best time to repot your orchids is between March and June. But even between July and September repotting is possible.

Except of this time slot you can repot your Orchids when the following situation apply:

-orchid is not flowering
-orchid is flowering/growing spikes or buds but already is at it´s new location at your home for 4-6 weeks in minimum

HOW SHOULD I WATER MY ORCHIDS?2021-12-28T10:50:52+01:00

Both, keeping a rest period (temperature, moisture) and watering is the biggest challenge in successfully cultivating orchids on a windowsill. Orchitop has especially been developed to keep watering as simple as possible, thus mistakes should be avoided.

With Orchitop you can choose between three watering methods

– Watering from below (recommended by us)
– Watering from above
– Watering by immerse


The term ”Orchitop” is modified from ”biotope”. The name shall express that orchids will grow in the Orchitop as they do in nature. Several years of research led to this unique construction and is protected by patents. The Orchitop replaces the pot-walls by poles.

One of many advantages is that diameter, pole thickness and pole space match each other perfectly. The roots get oxygen and moisture in the substrate can escape unhindered over the entire height of the Orchitop. The base plate is equipped with sufficient drainage holes. As in nature, the roots can grow freely – freedom for the roots. Only orchids which have healthy roots, can develop beautiful flowers.

Orchitop – the natural way to cultivate orchids on a windowsill.

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