We tested our products intensively and are totally convinced that you and your orchids will love them. But anyway your opinion is the best proof of success we can get – therefore we are happy that we can provide here some examples of feedback we received from our clients.

As we still have a lot ot positive feedback we will update this page with new feedback only time by time so that you can stay on top of things. You will find a summary of all feedbacks, especially those from our old website, here.

Feedback of Inge R. from Erkelenz via E-Mail (translated), Germany (10.11.2019):

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

I started with repotting my orchids into Orchitop one year ago. I did this with mixed feelings with my ´Nelly Isler´. As this orchid has very thin roots I was not sure that this will work in Orchitop. But it worked very well. Repotting while flowering did not have any bad effect and now, after one year, the plant is flowering again. I can absolutely recommend Orchitop as a orchid cultivation system. I water my orchids by immersion when needed and spray daily to increase air humidity. Every 14 days I add some fertilizer to the water. As water can go out of Orchitop very easy no overwatering is possible and you easily can check when water is needed. Repotting is as easy as watering. In the meantime I am proud owner of 60 Orchitop and I don´t want to miss them any more.

At this time 28 orchids are producing flower stems and 14 are still flowering. Orchitop are not only practical but even an eyecatcher.

Thanks and best wishes from Erkelenz,

Feedback of Karin H. from Stuttgart via Facebook (translated), Germany (16.02.2019):

The reason why I got in contact with these wonderful plants was a present from my daughters for my birthday 8 years ago. Unfortunately this plant was never flowering again so I was searching for culture recommendations and by this I became aware of Orchitop. I potted the orchid into Orchitop and after a short period this plant changed very obviously. Roots and leaves were growing strongly and after many years without success this plant was flowering again in Orchitop.

Yesterday I said welcome to the 120th orchid and all of them are cultivated in Orchitop. It makes a lot of fun and happiness to see such wonderful orchids – thanks to Orchitop – and call them my own. I would like to write a own feedback for every single plant. I am more than excited and without Orchitop, which looks both wonderful and precious, my plants would not be as pretty as they do. I can recommend Orchitop to every orchid enthusiast. On the first pic you can see my 8 year old birthday-orchid, which flowers regularly in Orchitop since 4 years.


Karin H.

Feedback of Chstistiane G. from Wolfhagen via Facebook (translated), Germany (03.01.2019):

Orchitop is the best Invention ever.

I had approx. 20 orchids in those standard plasticpots without coverpot. It did not look nice and it was a lot of work – I was watering by immersion.
In 2016 I became aware of Orchitop. I tested it and what should I tell – I have now over 50 orchids in Orchitop. And they grow very well. Roots, leaves and for sure flowers are growing like crazy.
They look beautiful and are practically at the same time. No more watering by immersion, only watering via the coaster.

I don´t want to hide the blossom (86 flowers)  of my Fredclarkeara After Dark ´SVO Black Pearl´. The orchid is in Orchitop since 2016 and is potted in KOB/clay, which I ordered via Orchitop shop.


Feedback of Chstistine S. from Pforzheim via Facebook (translated), Germany (02.12.2018):

I love Orchitop. The number of my orchids grew fast and emerging needed a lot of time – too much time for me –  so  I tried Orchitop. At the beginning only with one plant and shortly later with more and more. In the meantime I potted all my plants of different genera into Orchitop.

I was convinced mostly by the easy watering and the nice look. I potted most orchids in KOB/clay, some in bark only and some in Colomi.

My personal resume: a very tough product!



Feedback of Daniela P. from Dersekow via E-Mail (translated), Germany (14.05.2017):

I started with Orchitop just a few months before – but it is absolutely terrific how roots explode and how the plants grow spikes. By the way growing orchids in Orchitop saves a lot of time and is easy.

During the first two months you water alternately from above and below and when the plant is used to it you can water from below only 😉 – that is very easy 🙂 😉 . At one of my orchids I could see that after 5 days the root was growing even 5cm.

I like transparent Orchitop most. Take a chair, a cup of coffee and see the orchids growing in Orchitop  😉 😉 😉 . After this short time I do not want to miss Orchitop any more!!!

Feedback of Uwe K. from Berlin via E-Mail (translated), Germany (24.09.2016):

I own Ochitop for many years. I am still surprised how fast orchids recover in these pots and grow well. Growth of roots happens very fast, sometimes even after one week.

I still tried out different mixes too and it worked always. I use KOB (Kiwi Orchids Bark) with special clay pebbles when an orchid doesn´t grow as I expect. Or it is ill and often I get orchids as a present, when they don´t look good any more. I pot them in KOB with special clay pebbles. I even made experiments with expanded clay 8/16. That works very good to as it does not break down and therefore you need to repot later. And that is good for plants too.

Next I will try out colomi, probably with Lady´s Slippers. I just can recommend Orchitop. Because watering is very easy too, when orchids are familiar with it. Just fill up coaster and wait until it is empy again. Then wait 2- 3 days and refill again – that´s it. No annoying watering by immersion again. That saves time and you don´t break spikes – that happens oftern by watering by immersion when you take back orchids to their location.

I am very happy with Orchitop!
Uwe K. from Berlin

Feedback of Jasna Nadine S. from Gudow via E-Mail (translated), Germany (21.08.2016):

First time I got in contact with Orchitop was in a facebook group and I was excited by the special look and variety of colors. The price seemed to be a little high, but my nosiness won fortunately.

My orchids showed growth in roots and leafes even after 4 weeks. Watering via coaster is quite easy, no more longer annoying watering by immersion.

I cultivate Lady´s  Slippers and Phalaenopsis in Orchitop and both like it. I cultivate in Colomi or pine bark – all no problem. Ich will repot all my orchids in Orchitop over time for sure.

Feedback of Ernst F. from Essen via E-Mail (translated), Germany (22.07.2016):

This beauty did not grow well for years in a regular orchid plasticpot. We did not knew whether it is still alive or decided to die. After one year in Orchitop the orchid recovered completely and came back to full beauty.
In the meantime we own more than 70 Orchitop and get in trouble with free space 🙂

Our advice for new orchids:

When we buy them flowering we just put them with the pastic pot into Orchitop and repot them just when they stopped flowering. Until this they will be watered from above. After repotting we water from below when coaster is dry.

Feedback of Heidi A. from Hattenhofen via E-Mail (translated), Germany (01.01.2016):

To the Orchitop-team: within 6 weeks I ordered 40 pots in three sizes and all orchids – flowering or not – were repotted immediately. I found Orchitop in the internet and I had a “good feeling” to this cultivation method right from the start.

I started 5 months ago with a nearly dried out orchid from the care home of my mother. Before that orchids never have been interesting for me. I commiserated with the little plant and took it with me.
Short time late I was infected by the orchid fever and I was intensively reading and watching books and films about orchids. Now I own 50 genera – not only Phalaenopsis. My windowsill is specially made so that I can put many orchids in it. And soon I will get a pole mounted so that I can hang some orchids with your adapters and get more free space. Additionally in my window a special and decorative shading system is built in. I will send additional fotos for that.

Now some impressions. I hope you like it !!! I would be pleased to get some feedback.

I think I will have to order again! By the way, I promote Orchitop at my friends and they are all happy about it too

Feedback of Tanja S. via E-Mail (translated), Germany (18.08.2015):

Dear Orchitop-team,

I wanted to say Thank you for the terrific invention of Orchitop.

I discovered Orchitop at Facebook and searched for information about the difference between Orchitop and normal plastic pots. It was explained in a easy way and I watched a video about it too. I wass excited about it from the beginning. As a result I made a big order in Sep. 2014.

At the beginning I was facing some challenged bit I was fghting for it and I did not quit. After 4-6 months I knew how to water and all orchids were growing wonderfully with new roots and leaves. The little baby orchis, which I got from my mother between June and August 2014 was growing fast after 1-3 months in Orchitop. And it even made a new spike. All my orchids are coming easily to flower.

I don´t want to miss Orchitop any more, because all my orchids are growing perfectly ans like their Orchitop. Here are my five best growing orchids mit big growth.


Tanja S. from Kempten

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